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Farqiga Ukun Kursigeena Swing Wicker iyo Kuwa Kale

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The Wicker Swing Chair Egg is made of PE wicker and steel frame. It can hanging on the tree or the ceiling, or the steel hanging chair stand. It’s not only a good indoor or outdoor furniture which provide a peace free time, but also a beautiful decoration for the room, balcony, yard, etc.

Before, the Wicker swing chair can not be folded, it takes a lot of space when shipping and cost much. Especially after the Covid-19, the shipping cost is extremely high and we can’t afford it any longer. Then the Foldable Wicker Swing Chair Egg was developed in response to the situation. The loading quantity of the products in the container is much more then before, and the shipping cost reduced in big degree.

11_ 副本
22_ 副本

We produce this item for more then 8 years, and we have our own strict quality standard for the wicker swing chair, see below:

1. Wicker Swing Chair ‘Egg’ Size: H107cm*W73cm*D65cm

A. PE Tape Size:Thickness minimum 1.2mm, Width 12mm, at least two years guarantee.

B. Rope: 100% superior high strength polyester, Dia 5mm, twisting tightly.

C. Fabric: 100% polyester with 1000 hours grade 3.5 color fastness.

D. Swing frame steel tube size: outside frame--D22mm*T1.0mm, Backrest--D16mm*T0.8mm.

E. Woven artwork:woven tightly and densely, all of the rope on the tube should be fixed by steel nail.

F. all of the fixing nut are stainless steel.

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2. Stand--Size:195cm*100cm*100cm

A. Steel tube size:support arm 48*2.5mm, foot 42*1.5mm

B. Hanging materials:Stainless steel Chain and carabiner, or powder coating same color of the stand.

3. Package: best quality carton, no broken when drop from 2 meters high.

Combo carton size: 117*75*19.5cm W.G.:26KGS,N.W.:24KGS

Only Swing carton size: 116*75*15cm W.G.:15KGS,N.W.:13KGS

11_ 副本
22_ 副本
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4. The PE Wicker color and design: we have hundreds of colors for your choice, and we can develop as your request on both color and design.

5. The cushion fabric color: the below are all available for your choice, and customize also accepted for big order.

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Nowadays, there are a lot of factory in China manufacturing the Foldable Wicker Egg Swing Chair, however, the quality is quite different. The details as below:

1. Our size is 107*73*65cm, others size is 100*73*55cm

2. We wrap the steel frame by PE wicker fully on each steel tube, while others just tie up on the tube sparsely

3. The steel tube on the back of the seat for fixing the rope, ours is thicker then others.

4. Our rope fixing method is better than others


kuwa kale


kuwa kale

Feel free to contact us if you like this beautiful best quality foldable wicker egg swing chair.

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